What’s the process?

  • Get in touch. We will initially discuss your idea or project over the phone, then plan the best way to proceed
  • Have a project budget in mind. This is essential in helping us to plan appropriate solutions
  • We come to you. We like to see the location of the project, talk to you about your ideas, desires and goals for the project, and help you to consider aspects that may influence the design including those which you may have overlooked
  • We decide we like each other enough to work together. It is always important to choose a designer with whom you feel comfortable and can talk to as a good rapport and good communication is important to realising your vision
  • We sign an agreement and payment schedule. This outlines what we will provide, what it will cost, the payment terms, and that you agree to pay for these services. Then we are both clear on the expectations of both parties
  • We propose some ideas/solutions. We discuss those solutions, amend, discuss again etc
  • We finalise the chosen solution and get cracking on making it happen! Simple!
Merren and Mark Asquith - Rusty Plum Design - Interior Designer & Landscape Designer
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